Tips on capturing your wedding day memories

A wedding day is a big event and it is important to make sure that you capture memories of the big day on camera, which can be done with a mixture of videos and images. From the moment the bride walks down the aisle to the first dance at the after party, a wedding can last for many hours and remembering everything from your big day isn’t easy. Many couples will factor the cost of a videographer and photographer into their wedding budget, as it is just as important as having the right dress and the perfect cake.


Professional Wedding Photography


If you need to find a photographer to take your wedding photos, then you will need to do some background research on them first. You will need to do the same when you search for a company offering professional wedding video production in Brisbane or any big city in the world, as this is the best way to find out how much experience they have.


A good wedding photographer will be able to provide you with the following:


Ø  Advice on where to stand and what to do in order to capture the best photos

Ø  A portfolio of previous work to showcase their skills

Ø  A reasonable rate for their services


You will need to make sure you find the photographer personable by speaking to them in advance and it is also important to ensure you book their services ahead of time; otherwise they might already be booked up.


Capture the Big Day on Video


If you like the idea of having a video of your wedding day, then instead of asking Uncle John to do it for you, you should employ a professional videography company. A company that offers expert wedding video production in Brisbane (or whichever big city you are based in) will provide you with a DVD of your big day and you should be able to choose between different package deals such as:


·       Anything from one to three DVDs of footage

·       Video at the ceremony itself

·       A compilation of shots from everything from the moment the cars arrive to the first dance

·       Edited with music in the background

·       Scenes showing the preparation of the bride and groom

·       The option to hire more than one cameraman

·       The use of special effects to improve the quality of the video


Both the photos of your wedding day and the video footage should be presented to you in a nice album or case and it is important to capture the joyful occasion on camera, so you can look back at it in the years to come.


A wedding is an emotional event and it is easy to get caught up in the excitement and miss a lot of what is happening over the other side of the reception hall, especially if it is a large wedding. However, you never have to worry about missing out on anything if you employ a photographer and videographer to record all of the happenings for you and you can cherish your big day forever.